Big Game wins: 3 takeaways from the Broncos’ victory

Don Mercer
Posted by Don Mercer
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Sporting events and business have a lot of parallels. There are plenty of preparations and planning in both, teamwork is key, wins and losses are common. There are also “big games” – landing that new account, closing a mega-deal, launching a new product line.

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In the wake of the recent Big Game (SB50), I was reflecting on a few takeaways for small business to come out of the Denver Broncos’ victory.

Touchdowns vs. field goals: Most of us want to go for the big score. But SB50 was an example of how you can win by taking the less glamorous – and less risky – route. The Broncos’ offense did not score a touchdown until the fourth quarter. In business, the touchdown might be the splashy new product launch or expansion into a new territory, which can yield significant returns. But don’t lose sight of the opportunities for smaller points: managing costs here and there, retaining a customer through strong customer service, training and developing employees. A lot of opportunities to build your business are in these small ways, but they can add up to success.

Teamwork: All eyes were on Peyton Manning, but it turned out to be a fantastic team effort that won the game. The lesson for business owners is to build a strong team and rely on employees to do their jobs. Early on in business, the owner wears a lot of hats and does it all much of the time. But as the years go on, the owner becomes the leader with a team of experts and advisors – from the accounting manager to the sales team. For your business to really shine, you need a team you can rely upon.

MVPs: Who would have guessed a linebacker would be the MVP? We all knew Von Miller was a really good linebacker, but he had a clear MVP performance in SB50, including two sacks that led to fumbles. Likewise, in business your MVP on any given day may be someone who is not your quarterback or not in the limelight. Ask yourself, how do you recognize and celebrate individual success in your organization?

What business lessons did you learn from the Big Game?

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