The future of treasury management: Digital technology gives treasurers a boost

Eileen Dignen
Cash Management
3-D rendering humanoid robot with AI text in circuit pattern.

From AI to robotics to APIs, find out how the corporate treasury function is facing disruptive change.

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U.S. Outlook: The 2018 U.S. GDP victory rings hollow

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist
Container ship

Fourth quarter GDP growth hits 2.6%, beating estimates. Find out why Scott Anderson isn’t joining in the celebration. Read U.S. Outlook.

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Investment Insights: Waiting for a catalyst

Wade Balliet
Posted by Wade Balliet
Investment Strategy

After hitting a rough patch in the last few months of 2018, the S&P 500 rebounded to gain over 10% in just the first two months of the year, which is already higher than the full calendar year returns in three of the last five years. If stocks continue at this pace for the rest of the year, the S&P would return over 100% in 2019! Unfortunately, we don’t see that as a likely scenario.

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Why mentors matter

Jenny Flores
Posted by Jenny Flores
Corporate Social Responsibility
Vanessa Washington speaks to visiting law students.

This January, 70 women from the U.C. Berkeley School of Law came to Bank of the West’s headquarters in San Francisco to hear Vanessa Washington, our general counsel and corporate secretary, give her perspective on what it takes to succeed in a high-profile position in the banking industry.

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