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A conversation with Jeremy Barnicle of Ecotrust

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Corporate News

Jeffrey Burch, managing director, Southwest Food and Agribusiness at Bank of the West, recently sat down with Jeremy Barnicle, executive director of Ecotrust, an Oregon-based organization that fosters economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental well-being, and 2017 Innovation Award winner in our annual Philanthropy Awards.

Closeup of Jaremy Barnicle of Ecotrust,, outside on a sidewalkBarnicle talked about the importance of using market-oriented tools to promote Ecotrust’s mission – to restore the environment and grow economic opportunities, as part of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurship Center’s “Intersection of Entrepreneurship & Climate Innovation” event, sponsored by Bank of the West and held in conjunction with the recent Global Climate Action Summit.

“To see how you can use for-profit entities to help advance social or environmental outcome is really great,” Barnicle noted.

Watch some of the conversation with Jeremy Barnicle of Ecotrust.

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Future of farming: How new challenges are affecting agribusiness

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Corporate News
Jeff Burch (center) in panel about climate change and agribusiness.

A major concern for farmers today is water shortages caused by major droughts in the West.

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Ask an Advisor: Succession planning for an agribusiness

Jeff Hoffmann
Private Client Services
Father and grown son discussing their harvest while standing in their field, with a harvesting machine at work in the background.

Bank of the West has worked with many clients facing this issue, and one of the main questions they ask is whether keeping their assets consolidated is a good choice for them.

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Outlook for the nursery/greenhouse industry in 2016

Jeff Burch
Posted by Jeff Burch
Agribusiness Banking
Male greenhouse worker in overalls watering a large row of green plants.

Economic indicators point to a strong year ahead for those in the nursery/greenhouse industry.

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3 advantageous leasing structures for agribusinesses

Cam Pittman
Posted by Cam Pittman
Equipment Finance
Several rows of growing vines in a vineyard, with solar panels in the background.

Agriculture is an equipment-intensive business with a unique set of cash flows, and leasing can be a useful strategy for many ag companies.

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