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U.S. Outlook: Right down the pike — now what?

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist

Like a pitcher who’s on fire, U.S. economic data keeps coming in right across the plate.

graph showing rise and fall of investor confidence in recent years.The August payroll report of +173K jobs with a two-tenths decline in the unemployment rate capped a decent week of U.S. economic data.

For more on this and other developments this week, see my full report. Highlights are outlined below, followed by a link to the full U.S. Outlook report, delivered on Sept. 4.

Key observations:
  • The market volatility has investors on edge, but many have not yet lost hope.
  • Consumers continued to spend aggressively on cars in August as light vehicle sales jumped to 17.7 million, the highest month rate of total sales since July 2005.
  • Could the worst be over? A general global commodity price index, including oil prices, has turned higher after hitting a bottom on August 24th.
  • U.S. economic data and outlook remain supportive of a September initial rate hike.
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Instant Analysis: Retail sales report for August

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist
Couple with young son looking in store window inside a mall.

Retail sales gains were broad-based in August but remained lumpy in magnitude. 

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