Commercial Banking

3 advantageous leasing structures for agribusinesses

Cam Pittman
Posted by Cam Pittman
Equipment Finance
Several rows of growing vines in a vineyard, with solar panels in the background.

Agriculture is an equipment-intensive business with a unique set of cash flows, and leasing can be a useful strategy for many ag companies.

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Why do housing starts matter to the nursery/greenhouse industry?

Jeff Burch
Posted by Jeff Burch
Agribusiness Banking
View inside greenhouse that is fully stocked with lush potted flowers and hanging plants.

By tracking regional housing starts, we can get a sense of what kind of sales volume growth rates a nursery center should expect to see.

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Interest Rates 101: What businesses may expect from a hike

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist
African American woman crouching against a wall in office, staring thoughtfully at the whiteboard across from her that is filled with multi-colored notes.

Businesses might have to look at other sources of financing than just borrowing.

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Reel in more business around the globe with smart trade solutions

Pierre-Francois Choquet
Global Trade Solutions
Large cargo ship leaving Asian part with city skyline in the distance on a sunny day with fluffy clouds in background.

When your company operates abroad, understanding the international business landscape and implementing smart financial strategies is essential.

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