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Safeguards for your business during the holidays

David Pollino

With the holidays upon us, any business that accepts credit cards or handles customers’ personal data may want to ask: How am I helping to protect my customers?

closeup on gift bags, with store employee in background writing in a notepad.As I mentioned recently, more Americans fear being hacked than being burglarized. More than ever, you want people to feel confident about doing business with you. Here are five steps that cyber-security experts recommend to help safeguard businesses and their customers:

  • Help protect your customer: Secure your Internet servers, including payment gateways and e-commerce applications that contain customer data.
  • Update software: Ensure you keep software up to date by implementing recommended vendor patches and testing those patches to ensure they are integrated effectively on your network.
  • Test: Test databases and online login portals against brute force password attacks.
  • Monitor: Monitor firewalls to watch for any outbound traffic that is going to unknown or suspicious IP addresses and domains.
  • Scan for vulnerabilities: To help ensure no unauthorized code has been introduced to your company’s network, run a vulnerability scan, as I’ve discussed previously, against approved applications. If any software is vulnerable, update and patch it immediately. Whenever new or updated applications are introduced, a best practice is to re-run the vulnerability scan.

The holidays are a time of giving. If you take a few precautions, you can help protect your network applications and help ensure you’re not giving away your customer data.

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