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Impacted by the Equifax breach? Five steps to help protect yourself

David Pollino

If your personal identifying information was compromised as part of the recent Equifax data breach, you are in good company: The breach impacted about half the U.S. population, including me. (You can check here.)

Here are the steps that I am Man looking at credit card and iPadtaking to help protect myself and my financial accounts in the wake of the breach:

  • Take advantage of free credit monitoring from Equifax. Criminals can use the breached information to open new loan or deposit accounts. The service will help you monitor for nefarious activity and get fraudulent accounts shut down. When you sign up, check the report carefully for accuracy. (UPDATE: Be sure to read all the terms & conditions before you sign up, and exercise caution in sharing any personal information in the online process.)
  • Monitor your existing accounts for unauthorized activity. I use mobile apps to check my banking and credit accounts daily to verify transactions.
  • Sign up for account alerts. Most financial institutions will notify you of unusual activity on your accounts.
  • Take quick action, if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Contact your bank or credit card company as soon as you suspect fraudulent activity on your account.
  • Update your contact information. Make sure your bank and other financial institutions have your correct phone numbers, email addresses and mailing address to contact you in the event of suspicious account activity.

Equifax is the latest high-profile data breach, but similar cybersecurity crimes happen all too frequently. Please make these steps part of your regular routine to help protect yourself from cybercriminals. #BeCyberSafe

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5 tips for managing & improving your credit score

Stew Larsen
Posted by Stew Larsen
Mortgage Banking
Two young man examining a report on a glasstop table in a very bright room.

Whether you’re considering applying for a home loan or just want to manage your finances more effectively, it is a good idea to understand credit reports.

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