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Numbers Count: Weekly mortgage data highlights

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Young African American couple looking at architect plans while lying on a wooden floor.

Here’s my take on the key numbers on the housing market this week.

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‘Tis a good time to buy

Stew Larsen
Posted by Stew Larsen
Mortgage Banking
Closeup on part of a holiday wreath on a white door.

The slowdown in price appreciation across many markets may be welcome news for buyers for several reasons.

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In the Market: Loan limits may change soon

Nneka Madus
Posted by Nneka Madus
Mortgage Market Analyst
Two young women looking at laptop screen, smiling at what they

If you’ll be looking for a home next year, you could end up having more loan options that you realize.

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Kansas City vs. San Francisco: A housing market matchup

Cyndee Kendall
Mortgage Banking

My “World Series of Housing” is a best-of-seven series to see whose housing market is the World Champion.

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