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Factors that may help your buy-vs.-lease decision

Don Mercer
Posted by Don Mercer
Small Business Banking
Young-ish man sitting in creative office space, looking at his laptop.

In my view, there’s a right time and a wrong time for a business to invest in a building.

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4 questions to help assess if a mortgage is right for you

Victor Polich
Mortgage Banking
Man and woman seated next to each other, checking paperwork and entering figures into a calculator

It is important to understand your housing situation now and in the future to gauge what mortgage options may be right for you.

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U.S. Outlook: Labor market recovery not so fast & furious

Scott Anderson
Chief Economist
Graph showing slow dip in under-employed numbers.

We are starting to see a more sobering picture of the labor market.

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In the Market: Thoughts on choosing a mortgage

Nneka Madus
Posted by Nneka Madus
Mortgage Market Analyst
Young man sitting against a couch looking down into his laptop.

First-time homebuyers have a lot to consider when buying a home: location, new versus existing home, and more.

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