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Decluttering your email inbox may boost your security

David Pollino

Inbox bursting at the seams? Here’s a radical one-word idea: unsubscribe.

Young male worker at his computer in a small workspace, with 2 coworkers visible in the background.We all get too many emails, and it can be easy to just go with the flow. But there are very good reasons to do a virtual declutter now and then. Spring-clean your inbox while you’re in a tidying mood — and you may make your life simpler and safer.

Be honest with yourself: How many of the emails you receive are really important to you (emails from mom excluded, of course)? Yes, we all love special offers, but how many do you ever use? And could you find the deal online anyway, without the email?

Of course, you can just delete emails every so often. But they clog your inbox, waste your time checking and deleting them, and make it harder to see the emails that actually matter. This includes the dangerous ones — like phishing emails that are more likely to catch you with your guard down, hidden among many others. And if you mistakenly click on a phishing email you could be enabling malware onto your computer, which could be very bad news indeed.

So why not spend just a few minutes each day over the next couple of weeks clicking on “unsubscribe”? It’ll be worth it in the long run for the time you’ll save. Here’s what I do. Once a month, I schedule 10 minutes on my calendar to unsubscribe. (One word of caution, examine the links before clicking to ensure they are not phishing links. See my post here and scroll down to “Checking URLs.”)

You might also want to look into tools that can help you manage your inbox, for example Gmail’s Priority Inbox or filters that let you send emails to specific folders to look at later.

Unwanted email can be time-wasting or even dangerous to your business, too. Help your employees protect your business by using anti-spam and anti-malware software. There are many good solutions out there.

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