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Video: Making your supply chain more efficient and competitive

Pierre-Francois Choquet
Global Trade Solutions

Do you know how your business can make its supply chain more efficient and competitive while mitigating risks related to suppliers and buyers?

We’ve made a short video that can help answer that question, as it discusses the advantages of two supply chain solutions — Receivables Purchasing and Supplier Financing — and outlines how these programs work.

To learn more about how your business can help increase its efficiency and competitiveness across its global footprint using Receivables Purchasing and Supplier Financing, watch the short video now:

This video is part of our series highlighting how essential trade solutions can help your business gain efficiencies and drive growth.

By blending traditional trade and supply chain expertise, Bank of the West’s Global Trade Solutions team delivers a full range of domestic and international trade solutions that help businesses gain a competitive edge across their footprints.

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How wealth management has changed since the financial crisis

Jeff Hoffmann
Private Client Services
Closeup on young professional woman with concerned & pensive look as she stares off to the side.

We’re seeing a fundamental shift in investment strategy that will remain well into the future.

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