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What’s your pick for most impressive tech innovation?

Andreas Bubenzer-Paim
Technology Banking

Technological innovations keep developing at a rapid pace. Unprecedented advances in computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, genetics, neuroscience, and biotechnology hold the potential to radically transform our world for the better and create mass abundance.

Side view of Asian businessman touching a large blue screen with AI on it and extra-dimensional beams and figures extending from it.So what’s the most impressive piece of tech that’s come out over the last five years?

For me, the Amazon Echo fits the bill. It provides voice-controlled artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at a low price point. As a result, it allows consumers to access AI-assistant capabilities in their homes, making futuristic computing capabilities available to the mass-market.

While voice-controlled shopping may be Amazon’s ultimate goal, Echo devices lured people with capabilities beyond shopping, namely playing music, reading the news, asking Google-type questions or – and this is what got me hooked – controlling the lights in your home with your voice! Life just keeps getting easier, doesn’t it?

What do you think is the most interesting tech innovation to come out in the last few years and why? Leave your comments below.

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